Some Chinese people copy our MartinDMX(M512) USB-DMX512 Dongle and Change name to ^Sun-light ̄ \ "Caiyi CY \CYL " to sale, we strongly condemn this piracy. In Taobao "Chengdu stage lighting" and "Chengdu Yi Chong Technology Co., Ltd" clone our MartinDMX(M512) USB-DMX Dongle and change our MartinDMX logo to ^Sun-light ̄ for sale, we strongly condemn this piracy company.
If you see any USB-DMX512 Dongle can support lightjockey\Avolites Pearl2004\titan\D4\grandMA onPC\sunlite\daslight...... or can support more than 10 sets of software or the name for the "Sun-light \ CY" USB-DMX Dongle, basically it can be concluded that the copy our MartinDMX(M512) USB-DMX512 Dongle.
For more information please see here:

Please note :
MartinDMX(M512) dongle is discontinued, we not update, so all software are old.
In China and in Taobao \  Alibaba, selling usb-dmx512 similar products, more than 80% people are copy and clone our early products.

Our new products name SD512, If you want to buy our new products, please contact the developer: / /   / My name is :hahan



MartinDMX(M512) Dongle is discontinued

 M512 dongle has been discontinued, If you have to buy, basically we can conclude that: they are clone.
Our new products now is selling, the new product name SD512 and Super512, all the features of the new products support the old M512, and SD512 also supports SD card , you can copy your DMX file to SD card run offline without a PC.
Super512 dongle support network, can support ARTNET protocol and our "hahan" protocol, can wireless(WiFi) \ LAN \ power cable modern or all of the network to control.

Of course, the new products support more than 30 sets of control software, and all control software is new version. and we will Free update all control software for two years.



Quman SD512 USB-DMX512 box  now  is discontinued (2016-03-17)
Please visit our new HD512 Box:

Quman SD512 USB-DMX512 Dongle is development by hahan ( ),  SD512 Dongle Let your computer into a DMX512 consoler,SD512 Use computer software Can control any DMX512 stage lighting, such as control computer scanning lights, moving head light, laser Lights, LED lights, fog machine, color changer, dimmer etc.

Quman is our brand, SD512 is a product name.

SD512 USB-DMX512 Dongle Technical parameters:

- Have 512 DMX output channels
- supports 30set dmx control software, and can support SD card , you can copy your DMX file to SD card run offline without a PC.
- 1x 3pin XLR female socket (output) and 1 SD card socket (input)
- Plug and play USB interface with power via the PC's USB socket and Dual power supply
- Have DC-DC Isolated / Optical isolation / TVS Protection
- Can support Win2000,WinXP,Vista,Win7x32,Win7x64 system, Win8/Win10 System
- Support usb interface Loose functions, When SD512 Dongle working, you can easily plug and push the usb port,
SD512 and Control Software not go wrong, When you plug SD512 Dongle to your usb again,SD512 and Control software
will continue work again, Therefore, not afraid of loose usb connection.

- Each SD512 Dongle can work alone as 512 channels or can use two sets SD512 combinations 1024 channel or four sets SD512 combination 2048 channels. (When you buy Please tell me if you want combination)

If you want combinations work together, When you buy our box, must tell our agents you want combination 1024 channels or 2048 channels, because our box have U1, U2, U3, U4 universe ID, when buy same universe ID box, it's can't work together.  must U1 and U2 box work to 1024, U1,U2,U3,U4 box work to 2048 channels.

U1,U2,U3,U4 ID box, can single use 512 channels, this time, all ID box like U1, Push one U?(? is 1,2,3 or 4) box to PC, Run our For512 plugin, in control software patch to universe 1 then can out universe1 data. When combinations, push U1,U2 or U1,U2,U3,U4 to PC, Run our For1024 or For2048 plugin, this time, U1 box will auto to univers1, U2 box will auto to univers2 , U3 box auto to univesre3, U4 box auto to univesre4 ...

But same universe ID box can't combinations work.
U1 box and U1 box can't combinations work.
Only U1 and U2 box combination 1024 channels, run our For1024 plugin then can work together 1024 channels.
U1 and U2,3,4 can combination 2048 channels, run our For2048 plugin then can work together 2048 channels.
If your PC not 4 port usb interface, can buy a usb hub,  In China 2.0/4 port usb hub only 30RMB.

How to check box universe ID:
ReRun our 512 plugin, push a box to pc, plugin software will show ^Find combinations number U?..... ? Is a number, this is our sd512 box universe ID.

-100% compatible Martin Lightjockey new version(2.95) and Avolites Pearl2004 \ Diamond D4 \ Titan4.2 ( ) and grandMA onPC 1\2  .... and Support all well-known commercial software. all is last new version.

[2013-5-21] updated to SD512III  , now this dongle is SD512III, SD512III now is single power supply by USB, not need any power Adapter.
[2014-4-02] update Drive can support Win8/10 system. Please run our AutoUpdate.exe update new version.

- SD512 Dongle Can Support Software:

    Martin Lightjockey                              (Free)
    Daslight Virtual Controller3             (Free)
    DMXCreator                                         (Free)
    ShowXpress                                        (Free)  new [2013-3-22]
    Cuelux                                                   (Free)  new [2013-6-14]
    ETC SmartSoft                                    (Free)  new [2013-7-13]
    EclipseDMX                                         (Free)  new [2013-10-10]
    VisualDmx149_34                              (Free)  new [2013-10-10]
    Horizon                                                 (Free)  new [2013-10-10]

    FreeStyler                                             (Free)
    DMXControl                                         (Free)
    PCDimmer                                            (Free)
    MagicQ                                                  (Free)
    MasterPeace                                        (Free)
    Abuelites                                               (Free)
    LEDMatrix                                             (Free)

    Avolites Pearl2004                             (Free)
    Avolites Diamond 4                            (Free)
    Avolites Titan4.2                                 (Free)
    Avolites Titan7                                    (We can support, but you must crack this Demo version,Crack Rand Data)

    SunLite 2006                                     (Free)
    SunLite Suite 2                                 (Free)
    LumiDMX                                           (Free)
    LumiDesk                                          (Free)
    LSC Clarity                                        (Free)
    ShowMagic                                       (Free)
    VenueMagic                                      (Free)

    Chromateq Led Player                   (Supported Not Free)
    MADRIX                                              (Supported Not Free, We have key)

    grandMA1 onPC                              (Free)
    grandMA2 onPC                              (Free)
    grandMA dot2                                   (Free)    new [2015-04-16]
    FlyPig Hog 4PC                               (Free)

    My SDK                                              (Free)
    My Sample Source code               (Free for VB \ VC \ C# \ C++ builder \ Delphi \ Java)

or any you want software, tell me, I write a DLL, Then can support it .

SD512 Maybe is the free support Most DMX512 control software USB-DMX Dongle in the world.

Foreign friends can Email to: 

My Skype account:  hahan99999

SD512 usb-dmx512 dongle last version DVD can download form (more than 10G):   (Password: aa7e)     
( Select the directory or file you need to download, right click, will pop up a button, click on the button then can download this directory or file )

if need a password, please email to to get the password. 
In baidu webdisk, if you not login ID, please don't download all pack, please download one file once then can down.
Sorry, in China only this webdisk, We can't use google, youtube, facebook, dropbox.... [ 4c31 ]

SD512 last Plug in pack : 

Some one don't believe Why our SD512 usb-dmx512 dongle can support so many software, because for each dmx control software, we programmed a plug-in corresponding this software, so our sd512 dongle can use the DMX software, when you run ours plug-in then can let this dmx software and ours SD512 dongle control your fixture. Can see this video Maybe you can know how the SD512 dongle work:  [If not play, Please change this name to "SD512First.mp4"]
or watch in China YouKu online :  [this video tutorial is how to used martin lightjockey]
If you want use other control software must run our corresponding plug-ins, For example: want to use grandMA2 onPC, Only need run our ForMA2 plugin and don¨t close this plugin then can let grandMA2 onPC control your fixture with SD512 dongle. When some dmx control software update, we'll update our plugin to corresponding this software, you can run our AutoUpdate.exe to update and get new version plugin.Please watch this Autoupdate log in below.
Please Note: Any Note can run plugin and see plugin Note memo.


SD512 Dongle in Live:   [download: ] [If not play, Please change this name to "SD512.mp4"]
used 10 sets SD512 dongle total 5120 channels, control more then 70 sets moving head light / 8 sets laser Lights / 16 sets 48 Channels LED lights / laser /some fog machine ... dimmer ...
Can see in China YouKu online: 


How to use grandMA2 onPC 3.005:
Run grandMA2 onPC 3.005 , and run our ForMA2 plugin, don't close our ForMA2 plugin, noting any setup, then can let MA2 onPC and our SD512 box control your fixture.


SD512 in Marriage Ceremony Live Light Show:
This video can download form our FTP:

SD512 use Sunlite in Marriage Ceremony 3D Show

Support software list:

Attention please: all our plug-in software please copy to the hard drive to run, do not run in compact disc, may will go wrong.
do not run in a virtual machine, don't try to change our software, don't try to debug our software, if have Antivirus software, please try to add to white list or close antivirus software, if not may will go wrong. Because any Plugin software programmed have hook technology, the hook API like virus.

About USB Cable:
Each SD512 dongle out of our factory, we will be testing, after passing the test, then can out of our factory, but the usb cable is supplied by others factory, we did not test the usb cable, so if your computer can not find our SD512 dongle, maybe the usb cable have error, please change an other usb cable.
Also, many Chinese manufacturers of usb cable is not shielded cable, you can use a multimeter test usb cable two heads, if usb cable two heads is open, well~~~ it's mean this usb cable not shielding layer, please change this cable, otherwise this cable maybe cause instability for the SD512 dongle.
If usb cable causing you trouble, we are very sorry.


FAQ (Top Question and Answer)



SD512 Auto Update software    [must have SD512 then can run]

Quman SD512 Dongle Update log


If you want any Ease4.X\SmarrtLive\StarDrawAV2007\... any Pro AV Software KeyGen can Free Get mailto

(Please waiting for load jpg in below ....)


How to make SD512 super stable






Now is SD512III (Power by USB)




SD512III (new)





USB control



offline (not PC)


4 SD512 Dongle Combination 2048 channels



Catch offline dmx file from all dmx control  software


Martin Lightjockey New Version have 3D

Martin Lightjockey LED (LJ_Manager)

Virtual Controller


Martin Lightjockey used Sunlite Magic 3D


Avolites Titan (Download: )


Avolites Diamond D4


Avolites Pearl2004


Martin Lightjockey the new Version 2.110.1 / Update[2013-11-26]

grandMA2 onPC