FAQ (Question and Answer)

Q0: What system can support?
: Only support windows system, and can support WinXP,Win7x32,Win7x64 and Win8 / Win10 System.
       [2014-04-02] update drive to support Win8/10 system. Please run our AutoUpdate.exe update new version.
       Please see "Win8 Drive(only win8 system)" DIR Readme.
       In Win8 and Win10 system must Cancel Windows Signature then can install our SD512 Driver.
       because in Windows8/10 system, all driver need Microsoft to Signed, if not, can’t to use, So, if you want support win8/Win10 system,
       must “Cancel signature” then can be installed our SD512 driver.

How to disable and bypass driver Signature Enforcement In Windows 8/10 system, can visit:

or can google “cancel win8 signature “, will find some way.
In this case, you can install SD512 driver and use our SD512 in Win8/Win10.

Q1: How to know if the SD512 dongle is good or bad?
A1: run "SDK source code"→"TestDemo", pushing the 1~16 fader to see whether SD512 red led is flash or not, if
yes,then is good. or you can press "Check SD512", when show "Quman SD512 Device is ok", then is good, if show
"Not find Quman SD512 Device!", check if hardware driver is installed correctly and usb cable is connect well.
TestDemo also can control lighting whose address is 1, can check how many channels of the lighting.

Q2: TestDemo can correctly identify the SD512 control box, but other dmx software not be use, what problem?
: If you want use other control software must run our corresponding plug-ins, For example: want to use
grandMA2 onPC, Only need run our ForMA2 plugin and don't close this plugin then can let grandMA2 onPC control
your fixture with SD512 dongle. Please note: all DMX control software version must same as our plugin then can
be used. When some dmx control software update, we'll update our plugin to corresponding this software, you can
run our AutoUpdate.exe to update and get new version plugin. Please watch this AutoUpdate log.

Q3: Run any plugin software, show a "no find libusb0.dll file" prompt, what problem?
: SD512 Driver no install or install not correct, must first insert SD512 and install driver. you can check
"device manager", if there is "?" or "!" before the device, please double click the device and update the
device, browse "SD-DMX512 Driver" directory to install the SD512 driver.

Q4: When SD512 control lighting, over time it can not control lighting, must re-plug a usb to continue, what is
the problem?

A4: You need to add a DMX512 isolation amplifier plus to SD512 output , SD512 only 1000V isolation, if greater
than 1000V, then SD512 can not work. visit this :http://www.avldiy.cn/sd512/make SD512 super stable.jpg
or check our usb cable, in box cable is a gift, only for test, this usb cable maybe no shield, please replace this usb cable, must have a shield layer.
this transparent usb cable(gift), line loss is also great, 5V input, the output is only 4V, about 1V lost in cable, just as a test. in your project, we recommend replace a good cable .

Q5: Push SD512 dongle to USB, but can't install driver, why?
: Replace a good cable. each SD512 dongle out of our factory, we will be testing, after passing the test, then can out of our factory, but the usb cable is supplied by others factory, we did not test the usb cable, so if your computer can not find our SD512 dongle, maybe the usb cable have error, please change an other usb cable.
Also, many Chinese manufacturers of usb cable is not shielded cable, you can use a multimeter test usb cable two heads, if usb cable two heads is open, well~~~ it's mean this usb cable not shielding layer, please change this cable, otherwise this cable maybe cause instability for the SD512 dongle.
If usb cable causing you trouble, we are very sorry.

Q6: SD card is inserted ,but green is on, red is off, show is PC-USB status, cannot initialize the offline function, what is the problem?
: The SD card is not inserted well, because SD slot has many feet, all need to be connected well, if one foot is poor it can not be initialized, re-insert the SD card and restart the power again.

Q7: Insert SD card, green flash fast(3Hz), but red no flash, what is the problem.
: Show is in offline status, but no dmx file in sd, please copy dmx files to sd card root directory.

Q8: ERROR D1, V2, F3 error when running the plug-in software, how is it?
: Do not try to change our software, even if it is a byte, Do not debug our software, and do not run in a virtual machine. If these are not, check to see if the anti-virus software manslaughter, turn off anti-virus software, or add to the white list of anti-virus software inside, because our plug-in application to many virus-like technology, it is easy to be anti-virus software manslaughter. Please put down, our software is not a Trojan, ethics or some. Manslaughter, from the CD-ROM inside copied to the hard drive inside and try again.

Q9: My SD512 for the first time into the computer, the green light, but does not capture the hardware, can not install the driver ,why?
A9: USB cable have problem, change an new good USB cable.

Q10: Control lighting is ok, but the capture files is not the same speed for on sd card offline status and computer software control status. why?
A10: Please confirm the capture file'frequency (time) and saved file' frequency (time) of the SD512 control box is the same, if not quite understand the specific role of these parameters, please make it be adjusted to the default 22ms / 45Hz default state (the left and right of the keyboard arrow keys to fine-tune the putter value).

Q11: Why I insert SD card, red and green LED all on, as crash, no change long time?
A11: In PC software mode, Run our any plugin, transfer to “Catch DMX File” capture window, and press “GetRefreshRate” and "SetRate" button, make it to be 22ms/45hz then it is will ok.

Q12: How many SD512 dongle can connect PC at most?
: as many, if the software you use have so many universe to connect,10 is ok, free software except MagicQ is many universe, others software only have 1 universe 512 output channels, therefore must use the commercial software.
If you want combination, when you buy, please tell me, because we need to give you a different universe of each box .

When you buy our box, must tell our agents you want combination 1024 channels or 2048 channels, because our box have U1, U2, U3, U4 universe ID, when buy same universe ID box, it's can't work together.  Must U1 and U2 box work to 1024,  U1,U2,U3,U4 box work to 2048 channels.

U1,U2,U3,U4 ID box, can single use 512 channels, this time, all ID box like U1, Push one U?(? is 1,2,3 or 4) box to PC, Run our For512 plugin, in control software patch to universe 1 then can out universe1 data. When combinations, push U1,U2 or U1,U2,U3,U4 to PC, Run our For1024 or For2048 plugin, this time, U1 box will auto to univers1, U2 box will auto to univers2 , U3 box auto to univesre3, U4 box auto to univesre4 ...

But same universe ID box can't combinations work.
U1 box and U1 box can't combinations work.
Only U1 and U2 box combination 1024 channels, run our For1024 plugin then can work together 1024 channels.
U1 and U2,3,4 can combination 2048 channels, run our For2048 plugin then can work together 2048 channels.
If your PC not 4 port usb interface, can buy a usb hub,  In China, 2.0/4 port usb hub only 30RMB.

How to check box universe ID:
ReRun our 512 plugin, push any box to pc, plugin software will show “Find combinations number U?..... ? Is a number, this is our sd512 box universe ID.

Q13: How to update new software?
: You can run AutoUpdate.exe see update log, and press "Down" button to get new plugin pack, must push SD512 box to PC, then can download this pack.

Q14: How to switch to software mode and offline mode?
: When you insert the SD card into the SD slot, re-power on, SD512 will automatically switch to offline mode, When the SD card slot without SD card, the default mode is the PC software control mode.

Q15: How to buy SD512?
: If you want a sample SD512, maybe can buy form here: http://www.aliexpress.com  ,we have any agents in aliexpress, or if you have any friend in China, can let your friend buy form us. In aliexpress Can find any picture like this http://www.avldiy.cn/sd512/SD512发布产品.jpg or this: http://www.avldiy.cn/sd512/SD512III.jpg  then it's our SD512 dongle, or can visit http://www.AVLdiy.cn/en  get any information.

Q16: How to download SD512 new DVD?
:  SD512 usb-dmx512 dongle last version DVD can download form :
http://yunpan.cn/cdYqYvHv6PzAI   (Password: 9440)     
Select the directory or file you need to download, right click, will pop up a button, click on the button then can download this directory or file
If need a password, please email to qq99958544@126.com  or 1195722899@qq.com to get the password.
This DVD more than 10G.
Sorry, in China only this webdisk, We can't use google, youtube, facebook, dropbox....

Q17: How about the warranty?
: we have 1 year warranty for the SD512 Box and free update for two years.
Upgrade time is 2012-10-24 to 2014-10-25
When time is over, If we do not discontinued it, we will continue with the upgrade.